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What makes Plasma cutters so efficient in fabrication workshops?

There are common problems that occur in a fabrication workshop daily, some of them can be expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes extremely difficult to resolve and one of those common problems is cutting metals such as carbon steel / Mild steel, stainless steel, Galvanised & zincalume steel and aluminium.

 We have several processes or equipment used in cutting from sheet metal snips, circular saws, angle grinders, oxy acetylene to plasma cutter just to mention a few, these processes have proven themselves effective in cutting but one of them really standout from the rest which is the use of the PLASMA CUTTER.

Many fabricators use plasma cutting torches every day, which is a much safer method of cutting metal than cut-off saw blades, cut-off wheels, snips, and oxy sets. Fabricators mentioned the use of plasma cutter has grown because of its versatility, from thin sheetmetal fabrication used in installation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and plumbing systems, to demolishing of industrial plant and wash systems and erecting new ones, to cutting shapes to repair excavator booms or consistently cutting stripping plates or plate bevelling.

Nowadays, fabricators & contractors prefer plasma cutting over conventional saw, cut-off wheel, snips, or oxyfuel sets. These plasma cutters are very portable about the size of a small carry-on suitcase weighing 10 to 25kgs and can slice through mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminium easily. A commonly used 55-amp plasma cutter can cut 6mm steel at a rate of 1’770mm per minute.

Contractors of all sizes can use plasma cutters to fabricate metal in the field. This includes mechanical contractors; general contractors; heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R) contractors; and those responsible for maintenance, repair, and operating (MRO). Some shop fabricators prefer plasma cutters, instead of getting an expensive mechanical shears or CNC equipment.

There are few disadvantages working with a plasma cutter 

• It produces noise especially when cutting thick pieces of metal
• Typically limited to cut about 50mm thickness
• Fumes are produced quickly due to fast cut speeds
• The arc is extremely bright on the underside of the job

Though plasma has its disadvantages just like other cutting processes, its advantages are truly remarkable.


Portability - One of the advantages of the plasma cutter is being portable or mobile. If you’re using a traditional cutting tool, you obviously know the struggles of moving around a massive tool and with continuous technological advancements the plasma cutter has evolved to being lightweight and compact without sacrificing the performance.

Cutting Speed - using a plasma cutter saves time and a lot easier to use than other cutting equipment. It’s like a hot knife cutting through butter. An industrial plasma cutter can rapidly produce 20,000 degrees C temperatures and you’ll get a fast-cutting experience through relatively thick metals. 

Precision - Precision or accuracy in cutting is one of the advantages of a plasma cutter. The tool utilizes an innovative process in which a cone shape high-temperature steam makes your cutting result more precise. A plasma cutter cuts precisely with minimal slag and provides cutting with a narrower kerf. Making many different shapes or angles with sheet metal by plasma cutter a breeze.

Versatility – The device can cut through all types of metal including copper, titanium, cobalt, carbon steel, cast iron, nickel alloys, stainless steel and so on. Plasma cutter provides the facility to shape metal- channels, tubes, or angles. You can easily cut large volumes of thin sheet metal with the fastest cutting speed. The ability to cut a wide range of thickness and types of metal makes a plasma cutter a perfect solution for industries that need to cut various thickness and types of metal.

Lower Cost - compared to what Oxy-fuel costs to cut 12mm thick steel, a plasma cutter costs half the amount of money even the energy consumption used by the other cutting system, you’ll find that a plasma cutter uses less energy. Ultimately it saves your utility bills, and with its sturdy built the plasma cutter is made to last for years saving you from unexpected cost of getting a replacement.

Ease Of Use – when it comes to convenience plasma cutters are easy to use and does not require much training, it is easy to operate that even an inexperience user can make a perfect cut on the first try, saving you from training cost. 

Safe To Use – compared to Oxy-fuel system, plasma cutter doesn’t need to store or handle any flammable gases and doesn’t post any risk working with an open flame too, which makes the plasma cutter much safer & reduced risks.

QWS Welding Supply Solutions offers a wide range of plasma cutters from Australia’s trusted brands like Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics, Lincoln Electric & Unimig to mention a few, with a complete line of Plasma Consumables, Torches & Spare Parts. When you purchase a welder or plasma cutting machine from QWS, it comes with a complimentary operator training package at NO COST to you, and YES….this is for the entire life of the product. This operator training ensures peak performance of your machine, year in, year out.

See for yourself why our 40+ years of industry knowledge & a vast number of customers trust QWS to supply their welding machines & welding consumables with a free demonstration of our large range of machines. Completely FREE without any buyer obligations. You can book online or you can contact us at QWS Welding Supply



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