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Introducing the revolutionary Powermax SYNC

PPowermax SYNC™ series, the next generation of Powermax65®/85/105 systems, is unlike any plasma you’ve seen before. Featuring built-in intelligence and a revolutionary single-piece cartridge consumable, Powermax SYNC simplifies system operation, streamlines consumable inventory, lowers operating costs, and maximises performance.

Easy to use

Easy-to-identify single-piece cartridge consumables are color‑coded by process to eliminate confusion and simplify consumable inventory management.

New SmartSYNC™ torches with the Hypertherm cartridge automatically set the correct amperage and operating mode, eliminating setup errors.

Productivity gains

Convenient hand torch controls let you adjust amperage and switch cartridges without returning to the system.

Simplified operation minimizes downtime, troubleshooting, waste, and training time.

Each cartridge has been designed to optimise the cutting or gouging process for the best possible performance.

Innovative smart system

End-of-life detection lets the operator know when it’s time to change the cartridge.

Advanced torch communication for automated process setup and amperage adjustment, without returning to the power supply.

Cartridge performance data

Wireless access to cartridge data for performance tracking and analysing usage patterns. Available on machine or via a smartphone app. 

Available cartridge reader accessory pairs with Powermax SYNC smartphone app to analyse performance data such as starts, transfers, and arc-on time.

Hypertherm cartridge for Powermax plasma systems

The Hypertherm cartridge marks a revolutionary change to traditional plasma consumables. The cartridge is the product of several years of plasma engineering design expertise, combined with advanced manufacturing processes and materials. The result is a simplified consumable platform that is far from simple in performance.

Hypertherm’s cartridge for Powermax plasma systems looks different because it is different:

•Automated assembly of the components in the cartridge ensures perfect alignment

• Eliminates the question of which parts need to be changed, and when

• Cartridge-to-torch installation is a simple and fast three-quarter turn

• Management of consumable inventory is dramatically simplified

Consolidation of consumable parts into a single-piece cartridge results in proper alignment of components, and optimisation of the plasma process. Cartridge eliminates the mixing of new parts with used parts common during standard consumable change outs. The result is improved and consistent cut quality outcomes.

view the overview video

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