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Pedestal Pneumatic Controlled Spot welder

Weldmax column / pedestal style spot-welder with pneumatic control - foot pedal operated. Air-cooled transformer, 320mm adjustable length arms (throat depth), heavy duty copper/chromium electrode holders for straight or inclined installation. Electrode stroke and pressure can be adjusted to reach maximum work rate with minimum effort. Microprocessor thyristor welding control. Simplicity and low operating costs are the strong points of the Weldmax Spot welders.

Spot Welder - Overview

The Weldmax pedestal spot welders are reliable and simple to operate units for the commercial kitchen manufacturers, architectural metalwork fabricators and many other sheet metal fabrication industries. The pedestal spot welder 25kva series can weld steel and stainless steel with ease. There are a variety of arms available for both the units enabling a range of applications.  

Spot Welder Features

  • Microprocessor controlled spot welder
  • Maximum welding thickness 3+3 mm
  • Automatic adjustment of welding time and current manual adjustment
  • Continuous or pulsed output control for specialized metals and applications
  • 320mm arm length (throat depth)
  • Clamp force adjustment
  • Electronic welding timer adjustable
  • Made in Italy / Europe
  • 1year warranty from delivery date


Input voltage (3ph)  400V - 50/60Hz
Power 50% 25 KVA
Secondary 4.9 V
Delayed fuses 63 A
Compressed Air 6 Bar
Min arms proj. 230 mm
Max Arm proj. 550 mm
Max electrodes force (at 6 bar)  200 daN (6bar)
Max welding capacity on mild steel  3 + 3 * mm
Insulation F
Package (LxWxH)  300x1020x1270 mm
Weight box/net  131 / 125 kg