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by Elliott
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The WAKATAC welding jackets with chrome leather sleeves are 762mm long and made from WAKATAC Proban.

The jacket has an extended back for extra protection and has a off set Velcro closure for extra durability. The addition of chrome leather sleeves offers extra durability for the sleeve area which is usually destroyed first by welding spatter and dross.

WAKATAC welding jackets are made from premium WAKATAC 320gsm Proban a flame resistant 100% cotton treated with Proban.

WAKATAC Proban welding jackets are cool, comfortable, 100% flame resistant and ideal for medium duty welding applications.

For lighter welding protection or where high temperatures and or humidity are a workplace hazard Flame Resistant (FR) cotton garments are ideal. Elliotts FR Cotton welding jackets excel in the crucial areas of flame resistance, thermal protection, comfort and durability. Elliotts FR Cotton Welding jackets are manufactured using Proban, WAKATAC Proban, FR Cotton and chrome leather.

The WAKATAC range include jackets that combine the FR Cotton and leather. Leather is utilised in the sleeves which is the area that normally wears our first. It is a winning combination of performance and comfort.