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PN T220916
5kg Pkt
stainless steel TIG welding rod suitable for the gas tungsten arc (TIG) welding of 22Cr/5Ni/3Mo type duplex stainless steels. Applications include the welding of duplex stainless steels as used where corrosion and pitting resistance is required. Base metals welded with  22209 include S39205 (2205 and Bohler A903) and S39230 (2304).  2209 is recommended for the joining of duplex stainless steel pipes and tanks used int he chemical industry that require high resistance to stress and pitting corrosion in chloride and hydrogen sulphide media.
  • For the GTA (TIG) welding of 22%Cr/5%Ni/3%Mo duplex type stainless steels.
  • Resealable 5kg cardboard tube.
  • Suitable for GTA (TIG) welding.
  • End stamped with AWS Class ‘ER2209’ for easy identification.
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