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by Lincoln
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The Powercraft™ PC26G air-cooled TIG welding torch makes it easy. Rated to 200 Amps at 60%, this light and easy to use TIG welding torch give you the power of maximum versatility and maneuverability. A flexible molded, knurled handle gives you a fast grip so you can focus on the weld. "F" model torches feature flexible heads to increase your comfort and get you into tighter spaces. "V" model torches provide a convenient gas control valve to change shielding gas settings at the torch. Alternatively, the "S" models provide simple on/off gas switching capabilities. The TIG welding torches also come in one piece or two piece cable options. No matter what your preference, there is a Powercraft™ TIG welding torch to suit.


• Gun Suits*Connectors may be required : Precision TIG 225, 275, 375
• Rated Amperage : 200A@60%
• Connector Type : In-line Power and Gas connection
• Cable Length : 8m