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PN 250620
Reaching approximately 4,000°C in the centre of the combustion zone, mini thermic lances are suitable for boring seized earthmoving pins which cannot be removed using other methods. Due to the extreme heat of a mini thermic lance after a hole is bored through centre of pin, water can be added down the pin to help shrink the pin and break the seize. Mini thermic lances are also suitable for underwater cutting of metal tracks, bridge supports and hard to reach places. Common applications also include:
  • Removing plugs, pins and hard-facing material
  • Emergency situations
  • Concrete cancer in reinforced concrete
  • Furnace applications – opening plugs, removal of refractory material, or cleaning/de-slagging pouring spouts / tapholes
  • Cutting off runners from castings
  • General use – cutting objects for scrap, steel beams in demolition, or removal of awkward objects such as large statues or twisted metal cables