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$345.99 / kit
PN 850985

Hypertherm® Powermax 850985 All-in-one kit

All in one kits provide you with a sampling of all of the consumables available for our Powermax system. Experience the versatility of your system, while purchasing consumables at lower costs.


  • Gouging consumables:
  • Designed for your toughest metal removal jobs
  • FineCut consumables:
  • Optimized for high-quality cuts on thin metal
  • For a clean edge and a narrow kerf
  • Mechanized consumables:
  • Engineered for the most productive mechanized cutting
  • Unshielded consumables:
  • Ideal for cutting in hard-to-reach areas and for the best arc visibility

Kit includes:

  • (x1) Swirl ring 45/65/85 A
  • (x1) Swirl ring 105 A gouging
  • (x9) Electrode 45/65/85/105 A
  • (x1) Nozzle 85 A
  • (x1) Nozzle 65 A
  • (x1) Nozzle 45 A
  • (x1) Nozzle 45 A FineCut
  • (x3) Nozzle 105 A
  • (x1) Nozzle 105 A gouging
  • (x1) Retaining cap 45/65/85/105 A
  • (x1) Retaining cap 45/65/85/105 A ohmic
  • (x1) Shield 45/65/85 A
  • (x1) Shield 45 A FineCut, mechanized, ohmic
  • (x1) Deflector 45/65/85/105 A unshielded
  • (x1) Shield 105 A
  • (x1) Shield 65/85/105 A gouging

Use your Powermax to its full capability with the Hypertherm® genuine consumables it has everything you need to maximize the potential of your Hypertherm® plasma cutter. Experience flexibility and save enormously with these high-quality consumables.

Protect your investment! Choose genuine torches and consumables for your Hypertherm® plasma cutting system and keep your system running at peak performance.

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