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FLEXOVIT CUTTING DISC 125X4.0 A36T-BF29 72512536

$27.0 / Unit
$2.70 / each
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PN 66252828976
Flexovit Mega-Line is the premium quality product line of Flexovit and contains cutting-off and grinding wheels, designed to meet the demands of the most discerning users. The products work faster and have a longer life resulting in lower operating costs. The products have been designed to be exceptionally user friendly and easy to use, satisfying the ultimate requirements of the professional user.
  • Steel/stainless steel/inox
  • Continuous view of workpiece
  • Grinding and polishing in 1 action
  • Long wheellife
  • Low vibrations
  • Comfortable working; operator friendly
  • Uniquely patterned face prevents loading
  • No backing pad needed
  • Use at 15° angle
  • Grit 36 for stock removal
  • Grit 60 for polishing