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Purchase new welding products & receive a FREE Weber BBQ before End of Year. 

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weber bbq.jpg__PID:38c1b60c-8855-426b-9d30-4393be0daaba

Upgrade your workshop with the right equipment to improve productivity & efficiency. Check out offers below on new welding products - we're GIVING AWAY a Weber BBQ to be delivered before Christmas with every selected item below.

Selected items... while stock lasts...or until 22nd Dec 2023

WELDMAX 225 Double Pulse.jpg__PID:eb44030c-a5b1-4edc-bd02-ccc4e4669b4e

WELDMAX 225 Double Pulse Made in Italy, Digital control, Double pulse MIG with 4 roll drive system, available with Push/Pull torch.

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WELDMAX 1 arm Extractor.jpg__PID:9b4e6573-a6b9-4f49-928c-e375dae361f7

WELDMAX 1 arm Extractor Mobile fume extraction unit with 3mtr Single arm, ready for immediate delivery. Made in Italy.

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TAYLOR DA 2700Amp STUD.jpg__PID:514fb9e6-ad7d-415b-957a-58d26dbe31ef

TAYLOR DA 2700Amp STUD Heavy Duty 25mm Stud welding system, perfect welding of Threaded studs and shear connectors.

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WELDMAX 600KG positioner.jpg__PID:9612d14b-2e19-48d8-bd31-899e7c7f2f9e

WELDMAX 600KG positioner Heavy Duty welding turn-table / Positioner, 415v, Digital hand pendant, Forward/Reverse pedal.

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WELDMAX Dual Arm Extractor.jpg__PID:2f9eba3c-fc4c-48fb-a368-1cafd8defbac

WELDMAX Dual Arm Extractor Mobile fume extraction unit with Dual 3mtr arms, in stock ready for immediate delivery. Made in Italy.

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WELDMAX 355i Pulse MIG.jpg__PID:5e096f57-1776-4eeb-8eb2-5d42bfa14e88

WELDMAX 355i Pulse MIG Portable MIG with digital programs for perfect welding of Aluminium, Steel & Stainless. 3m or 4m Torch

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Weldmax 600A Black Thunder.jpg__PID:9d53128a-a34a-4286-8893-0ddcf12fab8e

Weldmax 600A Black Thunder Made in Korea, 600Amp powersource, 10mtr power lead, 12mtr Interconnector, Super duty welding system.

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MIG WIRE ER70S-6 1.2mm.jpg__PID:ab8e1c5f-b802-4062-96d5-43ea0a5bbbc7

MIG WIRE ER70S-6 1.2mm Pallet buys of Betaweld Mig wire 1.2mm copper coated at $2.25/kg+GST (900kg pallet = $2'025/pallet+GST).

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WELDMAX 355i Pulse MIG PP.jpg__PID:52745094-16eb-4b07-a923-ce0dbcbb255c

WELDMAX 355i Pulse MIG P/P Push/Pull Ready, portable MIG with 4roll drive, perfect welding of Aluminium boats & structures.

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Contact your QWS sales representative today or enquire online to secure your deals before the sale ends. NOTE: Welding machine configuration is personalised for your individual company, therefore QWS has not advertised machinery pricing on this email to ensure you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

QWS is taking a break from Friday 22nd at 12pm and returning on Monday 8th Jan 2024 at 7am. Our entire team would like to take this time to THANK YOU for working with us throughout 2023 and look forward to a prosperous 2024 together.