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Since 1979, QWS Welding Supply Solutions has become Australia's single-source solution provider to the welding industry. We are dedicated to providing reliable, quality and trusted WELDING SUPPLY SOLUTIONS

Welding solutions: DESIGNED & DELIVERED

Today we continue to focus on providing solutions and building relationships - rather than merely making sales. Our unwavering commitment to problem solving has been the driving force in transforming QWS into a well-established, Australian-owned family business.

Our People
Our skilled team has extensive experience in the welding industry. This means everyone in our sales, administration, finance, store, and service departments, is equipped to help you find the welding solution you seek. As a result we are able to offer all round assistance, advice and after sales service.

Our Vision
With a vision, to put quality equipment in the hands of welders, to help them in all industries become more efficient, productive and profitable.
In carrying out our vision, we adopt a personal approach to sales — taking a real and active interest in your business and helping you to find more economical and practical ways to get your welding jobs done.


A complete range of welding, engineering and industrial supply solutions from your industry experts with over 9,500 products online - Australia's largest range of welding tools online.


QWS can supply most brands of welding equipment and consumables, however does not, in any way, purport to be the official agent or distributor for these pieces of equipment or brands.




QUALITY – QWS is a long-standing reputable company, and therefore stands behind every product we sell. Should you have any quality issues, please give us a shout or send an email with the details and we will jump to attention, to get this rectified in the quickest timeframe possible. We NEVER leave our customers hanging, we delight in supplying value for money products that are manufactured to the highest standards.

FREE WELDER DEMONSTRATIONS - We can't have you purchase something you dont want.....so, try-before-you-buy and be sure to buy the right welder for your requirements – if you are paining over which machine to buy, simply give us a call and we will assemble your preferred machine in the welding area, and you can come and try it out. This is a totally FREE service without any buyer obligations.

FREE OPERATOR TRAINING FOR A LIFETIME – When you purchase a welding or plasma cutting machine from QWS, it comes with a complimentary training package at NO COST to you for the life of the product. This operator training ensures peak performance of your machine year in, year out. 

CLIENT TESTIMONIALS - coming soon. If you have used our products or services in the past, please help us by using the Contact Us page and writting a testimonial, that we can show other clients and share the love.

SERVICE & REPAIRS - When your welding machine or plasma cutter is due for a service or a tune-up, get in touch with us and we'll make it happen. QWS is a one-stop shop and won't send you begging at a 3rd party repair agent...as we do all of this type of repairs, maintenance and service work under one roof. Read more here...

DELIVERING TO AUSTRALIA & ASIA PACIFIC ISLANDS - As a reputable welding equipment supplier to Australia and the Asia pacific islands, we pride ourselves on getting the right products, to the right destination, on time.


Welding Products in Focus

Welders and Plasma Cutters:  

QWS/Queensland Welding Supplies is Australia's leading supplier of high performance welding machines and plasma cutters, with a focus on digital-technology. Popular brands include Fronius, Weldmax, Kemppi, Lincoln, Miller, WIA, Saf, Jasic, Castolin Eutectic, Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics / Thermadyne, Cigweld, ESAB, Unimig, Weldmac, K-TIG, TipTig, GYS, CEBORA, Weco and many more. These brands are widely used in manufacturing, food processing, truck & trailer, boat building, shipping & transport, oil & Gas, pipework, structural, general fabrication, aerospace & aviation, earthmoving, farming & agriculture, colleges & training schools and mechanical engineering. Being one of Australia's largest, independent, welding and industrial product houses, and leading the way in Australia with general and specialised welding products, this brings you a great combination of stock availability, guaranteed quality, true and open pricing, with technical support and after sales servicing. 

Welders in Lean Manufacturing workshops: 

QWS/Queensland Welding Supplies is heavily focused on efficient supply and use of welding equipment throughout Australia's manufacturing companies, as we strive to keep jobs, and maintain a fully serviced industry. Many welding businesses of today recognise the value of using the correct tools to ensure their welding is done once, and largely eliminate secondary processes such as spatter clean-up and paint preparation procedures. Should your facility have any weld defects or spatter issues, you'll find with very few simple cheap corrections or technique changes in your process, together, we can potentially save your company many hours every day or week from costly and tiring grinding or clean-up chores.

Gas Equipment that is Safe to use and Saves you money:  

The use of the correct cutting, gouging and heating parts is critical to the safety of your operators and facilities. QWS/Queensland Welding Supplies has specialist technicians on hand to assist with your choice of heating, brazing, cutting and welding gas gear in order to make sure you are doing it correctly, and in the most efficient manner. With a large range of Oxy, LPG/Propane and Acetylene equipment online, QWS knows the products you need for any application. Gain efficiencies and save on excessive shielding-gas bills for your welding gases by utilising gas pipelines and ring mains with wall-mounted, anti-surge regulated flow meter style outlets. Stop wasting thousands of dollars in gas cylinders or bulk gas tanks in your factory and start saving up to 70% of your shielding gas costs by installing some very simple high-quality regulators, and improve your weld quality in the process. Some workshops see an ROI (return on investment) within 1 week from install. If you have any doubts, let us run the numbers for your workshop and make some educated decisions.

Spare PartsWelding Torch and Welding Consumables:  

QWS/Queensland Welding Supplies had been creating a large portfolio of wear parts and consumables used in the industry. From the most basic tig torch ceramics to state-of-the-art plasma torch heads, QWS is sure to have what you need. Sourcing from a global supplier base predominantly from Europe, USA and Asia, QWS can recognise and supply the parts you want to wherever you need them. Check out our spare parts breakdown diagrams online for a comprehensive range of mig, tig, plasma spot and stud welding schematic drawings and images. Check out our parts breakdowns for help on mig guns and torches, tig guns and torches, plasma guns and torches, stud guns and torches, spot and resistence welding parts, helmet spares & lenses, automatic helmet harnesses and accessories, we will have them here for sure.

Stud Welding Machines and Shear Connectors:  

Stud welding is a well-proven welding process, where threaded and straight studs are welded directly onto the plate or pipe. Shear connectors are commonly used in many industries such as structural steel, bridge construction, suspended concrete slabs and floors for welding bondeck to I-beams, U-beams or C-channel steel sections, building and high rise constructions. Stud weld process is also largely used on the mine sites and gas fields for installation of wear liners, ladder tray fixings to gantries, securing replacement and wear parts on coal stackers & reclaimers, shoot liners and ore bins. Weld studs come in many shapes & sizes, and metals from steel, stainless, aluminium, copper & brass and most metric and imperial threads from M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, M22, M24, M26, M30.  Small studs are applied with a CD (Capacitor Discharge) machine which is a 240v single phase portable stud welder, that range in capacity from M2 - M10, whereas large studs are fastened on with a DA (Drawn Arc/Arc Stud) machine which is a heavy-duty machine on wheels, and may use up to 3000A to fire a stud. Studs can be manufactured to specific sizes to suit any application.

Contact us and we will discuss the requirement in detail, to find a cost effective solution.