TIG Brush Weld Cleaner Hire | Pickling Machine hire | Rent a Stainless weld passivating machine

Looking for cleaner welds on stainless steel... at QWS you can hire / rent TigBrush stainless weld cleaning machines to rapdidly reduce the time it takes to clean stainless steels after welding. No more pickling paste or highly dangerous chemicals, the stainless tig cleaners use a phosphoric acid which is much less toxic or dangerous to people or property.

Food grade stainless rated chemicals, insist on the best. QWS offer Cougartron, Ensitech, Tigbrush, Mepblitz, Fronius and other brands of Tig weld cleaners and mig weld cleaners for sale and hire.

when you rent weld cleaners from a professional welding company like QWS, this comes with an added advantage of industry set up and operational know-how for solving real life applications in the workplace.

Queensland Welding Supplies carries a large range of tig weld passivators for high performance efficient cleaning methods processes on site or in workshop environments.

Try before you buy - if you are thinking of buying a new weld cleaner / tig cleaner but not sure what is the best fit for your business or budget, then why not try it before you buy it. Renting weld cleaning machines is a great way to fully test a machine in your application without a restricted test period timeframe or test environment. QWS has many units available for rent at short notice for short or long term hire. 

Workshop overload? Cash flow strapped? Short term project? Cant Justify paying New price? ...  whatever the reason that stops you buying a new machine, Hire or Rental is a great solution for many manufactiring or site works problems that contractors come up against daily.

Call us today.....we have many more machines than those shown in this listing. 

Get in touch with Queensland Welding Supplies to rent a welding machine online. Call 1800 108 900.