Cracks and Flaw Detector

Flaws create stress concentrations and can compromise the integrity of a structural component resulting in a premature failure below the design stresses. Depending on the size, shape (round vs sharp notch) and number of flaws, the static mechanical properties (tensile strength, elongation, toughness) can be reduced. A small amount of fine porosity may not reduce static properties significantly. However, even a small amount of porosity can dramatically reduce dynamic properties like fatigue strength, so components under highly cyclic loads should be monitored for flaws before and during service.

Flaws and discontinues provide an initiation point for a fatigue crack. Surface flaws also make a material more prone to corrosive attack. Flaw detection is important in the aerospace, automotive, infrastructure (bridges, towers, etc.), manufacturing, marine, oil & gas and power generation industries. Aging structures such as bridges, airframes, pressure vessels, reactors, and ships require non-destructive testing to ensure material integrity, airworthiness and overall safety for humans as well as for protection of the environment and the prevention of major capital equipment losses. Testing or monitoring is used during the manufacturing of composites, welds, metal alloy plate or rolling mill stock products to detect voids, inclusions, and flaws and adjust process parameters to eliminate these manufacturing defects.

QWS Welding Supply offers reliable CRACK AND FLAW DETECTOR from trusted brands such as Dy-Mark & ARDROX, Our range includes FLAWCHEK “Crack Detection System” with four-part visible crack detection inspection process (precleanpenetrantremoverdeveloper), we also have ARDROX 800/3 Black magnetic ink, pre-mixed, high sensitivity. Magnetic Particle Inspection for the detection of surface and near surface defects in ferro-magnetic materials. Ardrox 800/3 is a ready-to-use high sensitivity black magnetic ink consisting of black iron oxide with a controlled, fine particle size, mineral oil and a suspending agent in a high flash, low aromatic petroleum distillate, last but not least we also offer ARDROX 8901W which is a suspension of a white pigment in a resin base, which utilises a fast drying, flammable solvent system. The product does not contain any halogenated hydrocarbons. ARDROX 8901W is used in conjunction with the ARDROX visible magnetic particle inspection processes. It provides an excellent contrasting white background when dark steels are being tested. ARDROX 8901W provides a matt finish, free from reflections, which assists the viewing of defects. The smooth surface finish provided by this product allows the magnetic ink to remain mobile on the surface for longer, thus assisting the detection of fine defects. White contrast paint for magnetic particle inspection.

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