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Looking for cleaner welding, less weld splatters, faster welding, more productive welding or the ability to get some serious welding done in a short space of time – then renting a mig welder is a great option. MIG welding machine hire is very affordable and easy to learn how to use – with modern welding programs on digital welding machines, this allows you to set your welding parameters from the plate thickness you are welding…..Yes, its true….if you are welding 3mm to 3mm aluminium, simply dial up 3mm plate thickness on your welder and you will have a great looking weld from the start.

Having trouble welding aluminium, then look no further, QWS has a great selection of 240V single phase or 415V three phase welding machines with pulse programs which will allow you to weld aluminium alloys to perfection standards of a qualified tradesmen within minutes of holding the mig gun. All welding of aluminium should be perfectly clean without burnt or black welds and totally free of spatter balls that stick to the surface of the project you are welding.

When it comes to stainless, the result is just as impressive…..simply rent the correct welding machine for the project (be it a short term welder hire or long term welder hire) and get hold of the correct shielding gas mixture and you can achieve some outstanding welding results. A rose-gold coloured mig welding fillets are ‘just the start’ when talking about increasing stainless welding production, as this greatly reduces post-weld cleaning processes and other hidden costs for sanding and grinding discs etc and also the inevitable labour costs associated with this cleaning.

Try before you buy - if you are thinking of buying a new MIG welder or complete welding machine package but not sure what is the best fit for your business or budget, then why not try it before you buy it. Renting welding machines is a great way to fully test a machine in your application without a restricted test period timeframe or test environment. QWS has many units available for rent at short notice for short or long term hire. 

Workshop overload? Cash flow strapped? Short term project? Cant Justify paying New price? ...  whatever the reason that stops you buying a new machine, Hire or Rental is a great solution for many manufacturing or site works problems that contractors come up against daily……we have many more machines than those shown in this listing. 

QWS is the Australia-Wide welding hire specialist servicing all states at very competitive pricing with onsite operator training if required….Browse our selection of MIG Welders for rental here….Hire a welder that best suits your application and you’ll love the quality. Get in touch with Queensland Welding Supplies to rent a MIG welding machine. All welding hire machines rented to Australian businesses have full lifetime product support, so if you are ever in doubt, you call our office and we’ll be only too happy to help you to get welding again,