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Don’t let poor conductivity ruin your welding performance

Majority of the people understand that the electrical circuit is the core of the welding operation but not all is aware that disruptions in the circuit interferes with productivity, weld quality and equipment service life.

All these elements are completely affected by conductivity: the ability of the electrical current to flow along the welding circuit. Conductivity can also be referred to through its inverse: resistance, or the interference of electricity to flow freely along the circuit. If the electrical current moves with very little resistance, the material is very conductive. Gold, for example, is one of the most conductive materials on earth, but its cost prevents its use in welding equipment.

Copper, aluminium and other metals are used in welding equipment because they strike a good balance between cost and conductivity. The copper used in welding equipment does a good job allowing the electrical current to flow. There is still a very small amount of resistance inherent in the properties of the material, but it is not enough to interfere with the welding operation. Excessive resistance along the circuit, however, can cause weld defects, reduce productivity and lead to premature equipment failure.

QWS Welding Supply offers an extensive range of high quality and heavy-duty WELDING CABLES & PLUGS that provides better conductivity increasing your productivity and weld quality, we have heavy duty WELDING CABLES in various sizes, current capacity & amperage rating. We also offer CRIMPING LUGS, COPPER FERRULES, SPEEDCLIP ZINC, CABLE TIES, HYPERTHERM KITS & CABLES and many more…

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