Abrasive Cutting Disc


Making the abrasive cutoff saw work for you!

Optimize your abrasive cut off wheel and achieve ideal cuts:

Delivering precise advice on how to get optimal cutting performance from an abrasive cutoff blade is quite difficult due to each application being unique. Some simple guidelines however can help the metal fabrication enthusiast understand the cutting process, overcome problem areas, and purchase the right tools for the cutting job.


ALUMINIUM CUTTING WHEELS  -  Aluminium cut off wheels are available in 2 main types which are the meat-axe style tungsten toothed saw blade for cutting aluminium and now the much safer and economical method for cutting aluminium with an abrasive style blade that prevents the disc from loading and clogging the paws of the disc.

MEAT AXE - The meat axe or meat eater cutters are renowned for their ability for fast cutting of aluminium whilst leaving all edges of the aluminium sharp and intact. Made from a hardened and tempered alloy steel body and large tungsten tips that can be resharpened, these blades are designed to give optimum performance in a wide range of materials. Warning if the blade is tilted very slightly or pushed into the material being cut slightly harder than gravitational weight during operation – this can cause the disc to instantaneously kick or buck which is extremely hazardous to the operator and can be fatal. OH&S / workcover Australia are insisting on spring-loaded safety guards that cover 100% of the disc whilst not in contact with the aluminium.

ALUMINIUM ABRASIVE - Aluminium abrasive cutting discs are a great alternative to the saw blade cutting discs as they provide very low vibration and reduced noise in the factory and with the added benefit of being safe to use on standard and high power electric grinders and air tools. Many waxes and sprays have been used to prevent the loading or clogging of the discs during aluminium cuttings, however in most cases a quick way to remove the impregnated aluminium from the disc is to cut a small or sharp piece of stainless steel which removes the grinding flakes from the disc and it is ready to use once again.

STAINLESS STEEL CUTTING WHEELS  -  Stainless steel is always a great product to cut, bend, shape and weld. Having great strength and corrosion resistant properties and polishing effects. It is important to keep the cutting process as cool as possible to prevent the chromium content from overheating and vaporising. The use of ultrathin cutting wheels as small as 1.0mm thick make quick work of the cutting process giving minimal burrs on the edges and maximum cutting speed.

MILD & CARBON STEEL CUTTING WHEELS  -  The most forgiving of all metals, the carbon steels and low alloy steels.

STONE & MASONRY CUTTING WHEELS - Abrasive & diamond blade cutting wheels for masonry.