Lubricants and Coolants


Lubrication & coolants play a crucial part in the welding industry and there are much more functions that a lubricant serves than just making the machinery parts moving smoothly. Below are just few of the advantages that proper lubrication can offer.

Keep Friction and Wear at Bay

  • Lubrication does more than make surfaces slick and slippery. It provides a coating to prevent metal-on-metal contact between the surfaces of moving parts. No matter how polished and smooth these surfaces may appear, they have rough surfaces at a microscopic level. Tiny peaks (called asperities) stick out and scrape against opposing surfaces, causing friction. Friction interferes with smooth motion. It also causes heat, increases surface wear and can lead to equipment failure. Proper lubrication creates a layer of film between moving parts to thwart friction, thereby promoting smoother operation and longer equipment life.

Protect Equipment

  • The protective layer formed by lubrication helps safeguard component surfaces against rust and corrosion by preventing them from meeting water or other corrosive substances. Lubricants also serve as conduits that suspend and carry away contaminants to filters or other separators in the system where they can be removed and not harm components.

Enhance Temperature Control

  • Lubricants absorb heat, drawing it away from surfaces. Depending on the application, a lubricant either dissipates the heat or transports it to a cooling device. In either case, lubricants help keep operational temperatures in balance and reduce the risk of heat-related component damage.

Improve the Life Span, Efficiency and Reliability of Machinery

  • By minimizing friction, wear, excessive heat, rust, corrosion, contamination and more, lubrication helps equipment do its job longer, more consistently and more effectively. Lubrication significantly reduces exposure to many causes of potentially costly equipment breakdowns and failures.

Reduce the Downtime and Costs Associated with Maintenance and Repair

  • Because properly lubricated equipment runs longer and more reliably, operations don’t need to be interrupted as frequently for maintenance and repairs. Therefore, lubrication reduces costs to maintain, repair and replace equipment and parts. Plus, minimizing operational interruptions helps improve productivity which, in turn, increases revenue potential.


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