Stainless Cleaning Fluid

Stainless steel under normal conditions can resist corrosion but in harsh industrial condition where maintaining the appearance and structure of metal surface is important stainless steel is no exception, it is still susceptible to different types of contamination and rust particularly on weld areas.

The solution…ELECTROLYTIC WELD CLEANING, Majority of common defects appearing on stainless steel welds such as rust, discoloration, heat tints, weld and burn marks can be easily and successfully removed through basic electrolytic treatment.

The Stainless cleaning fluid plays a crucial part on the electrochemical weld cleaning process; the electrolyte fluids penetrate through the cracks on the surface of metals and prevent further problems such as pitting and corrosion build-up. However appropriate equipment such as machines, accessories & consumables should be used for more optimal and more efficient results.

QWS Welding Supply offers high quality and reliable STAINLESS-STEEL CLEANING FLUIDS from FRONIUS, S-WELD & TIGBRUSH the leading brands in electrolytic cleaning and passivation. We have a range of weld cleaning fluids to suit any of your electrolytic cleaning demands including PRE-WELD CLEANING, SURFACE NEUTRALIZING, FINISHING, MARKING, ETCHING and many more

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