Hypertherm Flushcut Plasma Cutter

Cut closer and grind less than ever before with the all NEW flush cutting process, now available for Powermax 45XP, 65, 85, 105 and 125 systems

FlushCut consumables feature an angled nozzle bore that delivers the plasma arc at a 45 degree angle -ideal for challenging removal applications. Instead of locating the nozzle opening at the tip as is typically done, the FlushCut nozzle orifice is located on the side.

This essentially bends the plasma arc, causing it to exit the torch at an angle nearly parallel to the work piece. As a result, Powermax users can cut closer, or more flush, to the base metal than ever before, significantly reducing grinding work and increasing the opportunity to reuse lugs and attachments.


With the new Powermax flush cutting process, operators can safely cut/remove 

lugs, pad eyes and attachments leaving less the 3/16” (5mm) of residual material on the base plate. By dramatically reducing the amount of material that needs to be ground, the overall process time to remove a lug, pad eye or attachment can be reduced by up to 60%. Cutting lower on a lug or attachment also increases the chances that the piece can be used multiple times. Customers who’ve been involved with the development of the flush cutting process have also seen impressive time savings and improved ergonomics when using the process to remove rusty bolts, severe end pipes and make alterations to structural steel components. Not only is the flush cutting process ideal for difficult removal applications, but it can also be used in lieu of a grinder, at lower amperages, to wash away residual material or hard facing without impacting the work piece or base material.






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